The Heavenly Mother The Heavenly Mother is also known as Her Heavenly Princess (Tian Fei),or traditionally The Holy  Grandmother (Ma Zu).  Her Holiness: originally named Lin Muo Niang; was born in 960 AD, on the 23rd day of the 3rd month  on the Song Dynasty calendar: She was born to Lin (father) and Wang (mother), in a village along  Fujian’s Pu Tian Mei Zhou bayside.  According to the Lin’ family-tree text, the day Her Holiness was born, the land was mysteriously  covered by a purple streak, perfumed aroma filled every household, and a goldenly shining halo  appeared above the Lin house, within which emitted a red glow, shocking and attracting the curious  among villagers. At month’s end – when families celebrate their baby’s “Full Moon,” one-month  birthday- the baby had not cried even once, hence she was named Lin Muo Niang (Muo is the Chinese  character meaning silence).  Olden text has it that Lin Muo Niang was a natural-born intelligent child, and on one faithful day when  she was observing her reflection in a well, a holy spirit appeared to her and passed on a myriad of  godly powers. Upon receiving these powers, she was able to cross seawaters on cloth-mats and travel  the islands on white-clouds, and because she showed enlightenment to the Gods in Heaven, people  came to know her as The Enlightened Spirit (Tong-Yuan Ling-Nu), or The Dragon’s Daughter (Long  Nu).  Song Dynasty text has it that in 987 AD, on the 9th day of the 9th month on the Chinese Lunar calendar, Lin Muo Niang ascended the highest peak of Fujian’s Pu  Tian Mei Zhou  and was never seen again.  Legends have it that on that day, she had risen to the Heavens and became a Deity. Therefore, the  people built a shrine in her tribute.  During the Southern Song Dynasty, China’s trade in it’s southern seas prospered. Therefore legends  entailed that Mother Lin Muo Niang had constantly watched over all Chinese trade ships. Due to Her  Loving- kindness, contemporary scholars had paid respect to Her Holiness, resulting in the Royal  court’s bestowing her the title Heavenly Mother, making her the goddess of the Southern  High  Seas.